Paediatric Palliative Care Guidelines
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Edition/Revision: 1.0

Severe, uncontrolled pain - Archived

  • Rare in paediatric palliative medicine.
  • Often results from inexpert opioid titration and adjuvant prescription in early stages of pain.
  • Always has major anxiety and fear component.
Signs and symptoms
  • Pain suddenly becoming worse, often with no obvious cause.
  • Apparent ineffectiveness even of large doses of opioids.
  • Involve specialist palliative care team as soon as diagnosis of uncontrolled pain is made.
  • Use parenteral route to secure control as soon as possible.
  • Palliative care team will administer slow injection of opioid until pain goes.
  • Calculation of regular and breakthrough opioid dose is made on basis of dose required to control pain.
Edition/Revision: 1.0
Created 18 Jul 2013 - Archived
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