Paediatric Palliative Care Guidelines
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Edition/Revision: 4.0
Validated 22 Oct 2016

Other pain syndromes

Raised intracranial pressure
Tumour pain
  • Treatment directed at the tumour (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) may relieve pain in the longer term, but there may be a time delay before pain reduces: it is therefore important to treat the pain in the meantime.
  • See main pain section
Painful procedures
  • If a procedure is likely to cause discomfort take preventative action!
  • Explain all procedures to the child and their parent/carers to reduce anxiety
  • Undertake procedures in a child friendly surroundings
  • Have parents/carers or the nurse who knows the child best present.
  • Use anaesthetic creams and distraction techniques as appropriate to the age of the child. Consider local or general anaesthetic where appropriate
  • Benzodiazepines are often employed in small doses in conjunction with analgesia for more difficult procedures e.g. midazolam given buccally, i/v, or intranasally gives light sedation and some amnesia
    - see section on agitation for doses. Inhaled nitrous oxide has analgesic and amnesic properties (not sedating), and is useful in co- operative children over 5 yrs
  • Play therapy may be very useful is distracting a child during a procedure
Edition/Revision: 4.0
Created 21 Oct 2016
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Last modified 15 Apr 2024