Paediatric Palliative Care Guidelines
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Edition/Revision: 1.0

Emergencies in palliative care - Archived

Emergencies are relatively rare in paediatric palliative medicine.  They can be defined as ‘situations needing pre-planning’

The key principles to managing palliative care emergencies are:

  • Anticipate that they may happen.
  • Recognise early that they are happening.
  • Have a plan ready for when they do happen.

Planning for paediatric palliative medicine emergencies should always involve the tertiary paediatric palliative medicine team as early as possible.

There are six emergencies:

  • Whilst it is true that emergencies are rare in paediatric palliative medicine, they can cause considerable fear and suffering.
  • To pre-empt this, those working with children with life-limiting conditions should anticipate the possibility of an emergency, recognise it early and have a plan ready.
  • Management of palliative medicine emergencies always requires the involvement of paediatric palliative medicine tertiary services.
Edition/Revision: 1.0
Created 19 Jul 2013 - Archived
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